Cleaning of premises, school supervision, gardening, administrative work, and many other activities

Are you unemployed or on OCMW? Do you want to work a few hours a month WITHOUT losing your benefits? Become an ALE service provider, for gardening, administrative work or other activities in Evere. Private individuals will be able to call on your services under a mutually beneficial scheme.


Working in an ALE allows you to stay in touch with the world of work by continuing to exercise your skills in a wide range of activities including

  • school supervision
  • school tidying;
  • small-scale DIY
  • gardening
  • administrative support.


The activities are carried out in Evere. ALE workers can legally work a maximum of 45 hours or 70 hours per month depending on the type of activity and the category of user. In any case, the maximum annual number of hours allowed is 630 hours.


Each hour worked or started is currently paid to the ALE provider at €4.10 net. The procedure to be followed by the service provider is as follows:

  • the client gives you an ALE cheque after each hour worked or started;
  • you complete the cheque by indicating your name, your national number and the date of the service;
  • the FTA agent will give you an FTA document4 which you fill in with your hours of work for the month;
  • you hand it in to your trade union, CAPAC or the CPAS, which will pay you for the hours worked.

Don't panic, the Evere EFA agent will be happy to help you fill in your documents during your first employment assistance missions.


As an inhabitant of the municipality of Evere, you can call on an EFA service provider to help you with various small tasks. To receive an EFA provider, clearly determine the tasks to be carried out and the hours. The number of hours of activity as a user is unlimited. You can use several people in the same month.


An hour started is an hour due by the user and corresponds to an ALE cheque. A cheque costs €5.95. The annual registration fee is 7.45€. It includes civil liability and work accident insurance for ALE service providers.


Would you like to have a contact with our local employment agency? You can reach us by phone or by e-mail to get more information about our activities. We are active in Evere, not far from Schaerbeek, Etterbeek, Haren, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.