Our employment-related

In order to be ever more useful and to create a sense of solidarity, the ALE is setting up various employment-related projects in Evere (Brussels). In partnership with other organisations or associations, we launch actions to make life easier for the inhabitants, to make the municipality cleaner and more responsible or to encourage job seekers to train.  


On 14 June 2022, we launched the RECUP&GO project in collaboration with the municipality. Récup and Go is a bulky goods collection service. This service is located on Rue de Paris 1, and we invite the citizens of the Commune of Evere to drop off bulky items and objects that could be recovered. Recovered objects that are still in good condition are cleaned, others are repaired or transformed. They are then resold at democratic prices. On the rue de Paris site, ALE service providers are in charge of the project.


Every year, in collaboration with ACTIRIS, the CPAS and the job centre, we organise Thema Lunches. Under the name "Thema Lunch", the partners of the employment centre have been organising free lunch meetings on specific themes related to employment assistance and/or training since 2017. These afternoon workshops are led by coaches and the atmosphere remains informal and friendly.

Most of the time, we organise an average of 4 to 6 thematic meetings per year, always accompanied by a lunch, such as :

  • search for a job via your smartphone;
  • manage your mailbox.


To get in touch with our local employment agency, simply call or email us. We will be happy to inform you about service cheques, employment projects and our activities.